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Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd is a key state enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine, a key state high-tech enterprise boasting a national postdoctoral work station as well as an A-stock market listed company which has been honored the Hunan Quality Management Award.

With a history of more than 350 years, JIUZHITANG Co., Ltd has grown and expanded from the LAOJIUZHI pharmacy store which was established in 1650. The JIUZHITANG brand was certified as China Famous Brand and China Time-honored Brand in 2004 and 2006 respectively. In 2008, its traditional Chinese herb culture was listed in China Intangible Culture Heritage.

The company is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as biological medicine. Jiuzhitang does wholesaling as well as retail business of medicine. It has now become a modern large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise with ten direct holding subsidiaries, five indirect ones and nearly two hundred chain stores. The sole owned subsidiary Mudanjiang Youbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was ranked as National High-tech Enterprise. YOUBO became the “China Well-Known Trademark”. By the end of 2015, JIUZHITANG has a total asset valued RMB 4.47 billion and net asset valued RMB 3.78 billion.

Jiuzhitang has been sticking to the motto of “a pharmacist should try his best, and the doctor should ask his conscience”, dedicating itself to the quality of medicine. So far, the company has established a premium product line-up: SHUXUETONG INJECTION, LUJIAO GRANULE, LIUWEI DIHUANG WAN PILLS, ZUGUANG POWER, SIQIKANG INJECTION, LUO HUA ZI ZHU TABLETS, COMPOUND JIANGZHI TABLETS, BUSHEN GUCHI WAN PILLS, and QIJU DIHUANG WAN PILLS.

With TCM series symbolized with “JIUZHITANG” brand, modern Chinese medicine company YOUBO, biological agency SIQIKANG, and health product company YIBAN, these products are welcomed and trusted well by users. In particular, the sales volume of SHUXUETONG INJECTION ranks high in cardio vascular and cerebral medicine in the Chinese market. The blood nourishing product LUJIAO GRANULE and the kidney detoxifying product LIUWEI DIHUANG WAN PILLS also enjoy powerful brand recognition among the populous.

Jiuzhitang is honored as a national innovative pilot enterprise, a key discipline construction unit of the State Administration of TCM, Hunan TCM solid preparation technology center, provincial technical center, Hunan engineering research center of TCM, and Changsha’s first academic expert workstation. It is a leader in pill preparation technology and has a top position in the domestic market. The subsidiary company YOUBO owns a number of invention patents. The core technology system of secondary development of SHUXUETONG INJECTION won the first prize of Heilongjiang Provincial Scientific and Technology Award in 2015. With varieties of resources and technical advantages, a solid foundation has been established for Jiuzhitang’s sustainable development into the future.

At the cost of RMB 700 million, Jiuzhitang Hi-tech industrial park passed new state quality system GMP authentication. The park introduced domestic advance techniques in Chinese medicine preparation and production equipment, establishing automation production line and management information platform, as well as high-tech logistics center in accordance with GSP. This new park led Jiuzhitang to become an efficient, environmental friendly, and energy saving high tech modern enterprise. A new manufacture plant with an investment of RMB 540 million by its subsidiary YOUBO and covering an area of 250 thousand square meters has been established and passed GMP in 2013. With the enterprise’s ideology, “Leading Chinese health and integrate into the world ecologically”, Jiuzhitang has devoted itself into building a healthy China and providing services to ecological medical model advocated by the World Health Organization. It has been committing to this business model while achieving social values, and developed four different lines of products: Health Products, Modern Chinese Medicine, Ecological Western Medicine, and Biomedical Medicine. It is our belief that the age old golden brand JIUZHITANG will be polished even brighter to be a shining global brand leader of the health industry.

Location:No.339, Tongzipo West Road, Changsha, Hunan, China
Zip Code:410205
Tel:(86-731)84499738 Fax:(86-731)84499777
E-mail:[email protected]
Investor Contact:(86-731)84499762
E-mail:[email protected]
Domestic Trade:(86-731)84478998 (86-731)84499752
International Trade:(86-731)84499907
E-mail:[email protected]

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